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God has big plans for you.

The Real You can help you discover them.

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What It is

The Real You assessment will give you insight into the gifts and strengths God wired you with, then help you use them in meaningful ways. Ready to get started? The world is waiting for you to share The Real You.

How it works

  1. Answer a series of questions (about 20 minutes).
  2. Receive a personalized profile report with insights and opportunities to consider.
  3. Make an impact in the world. You'll get a customized list of ways to get started.
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“I was deeply moved by the results. I found parts to be affirming about what I already knew about myself. But they were also results that stirred my soul and led a path for me.“

The Real You will help you identify your...


Greatest contribution as part of a team

Unique purpose in the world

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“I cried when I read my profile. I am still crying. There is a profound sense of purpose in me now. I come from a natural family who are good at criticizing me and I feel as though no one understands me. I have a natural curiosity and love learning. I am 55 and have been attempting to complete a Master’s Program in Biblical Studies. To me it is never too late to learn.”

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The world needs
The Real You

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