How to Change for the Better
Are you tired of self-help programs that never bring results? Have you tried diets and work-out programs that only bring frustration? How does lasting change occur? This series on James 3 deals with how God changes us from the inside out, and how this change can be lasting, fruitful, and significant in the deepest areas of our lives.
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Lasting Change - Why We Want it So Badly and Achieve it So Rarely

Do you have problems in your life that simply will not go away? Have you tried everything within your power to improve the situation, but find yourself right back where you started? If this sounds familiar, join Chip and find out how you can begin to experience true and lasting life change.

Motivation - How to Do What's Best When You Feel Like it the Least

Diets! Fitness Programs! Bible reading schedules! Have you ever started a new regime only to feel frustrated after just a few days because your commitment got sidetracked? In this message, Chip will show you how you can hang in there, no matter what.

The Tongue - God's Tool for Transformation

Words can bring life or death. The things we say have a power beyond belief and ultimately they reveal what’s truly in our hearts. Join Chip as he shares how you can turn your tongue from a destructive force to a tool for life transformation.

Warning: When Changing What You Don't Know Will Kill You

"There's a dark side to making life changes and in this message, Chip reveals some often-overlooked pitfalls and how you can avoid them. "

The Secret Of Lasting Change: Building Below the "Water Line"

Now that you've got some direction and made some life-change decisions, Chip explains the secret of making those decisions really stick, for the long-term.