The Genius Of Generosity
Lessons from a Secret Pact Between Two Friends
What's the secret to being truly smart when it comes to managing your finances, possessions and your very life? The Creator of all things invites you to enter into deeper levels of generosity with Him, so you can become wise in your giving and generous in living. When we begin to grasp God's extravagant love and generosity toward us, we begin to be generous toward Him and others in His kingdom. The result: our generosity becomes a visible expression of our love for Him.
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Why it's Genius to be Generous

Is being generous a smart way to live? If the answer is "yes," then why isn't everyone doing it? Chip explains four reasons why we hold back on our generosity and then encourages us with four reasons why it's nothing short of genius to be generous!

The Principle with Secret Power

When we entrust someone else with something of value to us, we expect them to care for it with diligence and integrity. So, how do we care for the blessings God has entrusted to us? Chip reveals the "heart" of the matter behind how we handle our blessings.

Why God Prospers Generous People

The fact of the matter is that God does prosper generous people. Chip reveals the four essential keys to becoming a generous person.

How Does God Measure Generosity?

Generous living begins with the “training wheels” of money and possessions, and Chip explains where it goes from there to a life lived as a perpetual act of worship to God, who expressed the best of all acts of generosity.